Victor Harbor Boxing Club

Requirements to Box?

Victor Harbor Boxing Fitness Club is for all people of all ages and abilities, men, women and children. Whether you want to get fitter and stronger, LOSE WEIGHT, learn some basic self-defence or COMPETE at an elite level this club is for you! Fun, friendly environment.

Adult training focuses on fitness, conditioning, strength, coordination and technique. All sessions can cater for individual needs, ie injury, age, poor fitness, etc.

Kids classes are fun, engaging, encouraging, help improve your child’s confidence, self-esteem, and teach self-defence.



$10 per class + $5 per sparring session, or $60 per month (paid upfront) unlimited classes and sparring, or $600 per Annum (paid upfront) unlimited classes and sparring.

Session Duration

Monday & Thursday @ 6:00pm


Not running at present


Personal Training

We have 5 registered coaches. All are available to conduct personal training for those wanting to improve their skills or get an intense workout. Gift vouchers available for friends and family. (from $50 per hour, great value!!!!)

All equipment is supplied if needed, ie ropes, gloves, focus pads, just wear comfy clothes, suitable footwear and bring a water bottle.



This is a boxing club (not boxercise or fitness with punching) so participants learn in-depth fundamental boxing concepts, (footwork, defense, attack, countering, etc.). Club instructors are experienced amateur boxers, competing at a state, national and international championship level, so they know how to execute their skills in a combat situation. They have completed several days of rigorous coaching training with Boxing South Australia Inc. Are registered and have completed a police criminal history check.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is boxing dangerous?

Statistics show amateur boxing is an extremely safe sport with a rate of injury being negligible when compared to other contact sports, ie AFL, Rugby, Basketball, etc.


If you decide you would like to progress into sparring you will have to fill out a form (provided by us), pay a $30 fee for insurance and provide your own mouth guard.


Although there is no requirement to compete (most people do not) the club provides this opportunity for those who demonstrate; commitment to training, strict diet, courage, competent level of skill and desire to win. Several members have a wealth of competition experience at both a state and national level and can support anyone willing to step into the ring.


Victor Harbor Boxing Club is affiliated with Boxing South Australia, the governing body for the Olympic sport of amateur boxing in South Australia. BSA is committed to creating family-friendly environments with a strong focus on junior development that can provide pathways to State, National, Commonwealth and Olympic Championships.

Contact Us

3A Pit Lane, Hindmarsh Valley SA 5211

Mark 0422 550 848